Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. When interacting with others, we often have a different perspective on matters which may result in conflict. With the complexity of the issues in hand and rise in the number of parties involved, this conflict may escalate. At the time of conflict, two competing priorities exist: The outcome of the conflict and your relationship with the other party or parties. Depending on the importance of each priority, different styles will be more effective and will drive better results. However, different individuals have a preferred conflict resolution style and a preferred secondary style. With training and higher self-awareness, you can learn to apply different approaches based on the situation. With a higher level of awareness and knowledge, you may start with the most effective conflict resolution approached based on the situation. Still, if you do not get closer to your goal, you will fall back to your preferred style to get your desired results. Resolving conflict is an essential skill that will help you develop better relationships and interact with others more effectively.

The conflict resolution style assessment will help you gain a better understanding of your style, which will help you manage your approach better. It also will enable you to identify other people’s conflict resolution styles empowering you to respond to them effectively. This preparation will better equip you to face and resolve conflict in different situations successfully.