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In the last 30 years, sales expertise has evolved several times. For example, a commonly known model, dating back more than 50 years, is the Hunter-Farmer concept. In this method, the hunter identifies leads and works on closing new business. The farmer manages or maintains the existing business, taking more of a service approach to the sale. As a result, those who performed inside sales have generally been farmers, and external sales professionals, who are field-based, have been hunters.

However, with increasing access to information and better-informed customers, a valid question arises: What is the salesperson telling customers that they don’t already know? Because this accessibility makes learning and product/service development so easily attainable, relationships cease to be the primary decision-making factor. The profession, therefore, has evolved to salespeople being subject matter experts. In this model, customers do not view sales professionals as hunters. Rather, you are a resource that can provide them with scarce and reliable information, which empowers them to decide which they can feel comfortable and confident. To gain a competitive advantage, you must reassure customers they are in “good hands” and that your role is to support them in becoming confident in their decisions.